Ollantein® Rejuvenating Essence Cream developed by Visgeneer Inc. was awarded the 2019 MONDE SELECTION “Gold Quality Awards”. “Winning Gold Quality Awards is not only an affirmation of our R&D team milestone but also a great boost to our follow-up technology ”, said by Dr. Ken-Shwo Dai, the president and CEO of Visgeneer Inc.

Ollantein® Rejuvenating All-In-One Essence Cream [CPNP No: 2172276 (https://www.coresence.com/pages/ollantein)] is a unique skin care product of CoreSence, Visgeneer’s skin care brand. Visgeneer Inc. (www.visgeneer.com.tw/en/) is an innovative biotech company with 4 business units (BUs). Of these, the cosmetics BU (GMP; ISO 22716:2007; ISO 9001:2015; clean room facility) discovered the unique ingredient “Ollantein®”, which is the ferment filtrate containing natural zeaxanthin (European patent: EP 2441433 B1). Zeaxanthin can be found in human skin and macular region of eye. The role of zeaxanthin in human eyes is to filter out high energy blue light. Therefore, the application of Ollantein® as daily skin care product may act as a protective shield against high energy blue light, which we are constantly exposed to from sources such as the damaging rays of the sun and common electronic screens like our phones.

Zeaxanthin can be found naturally in human skin, making Ollantein® a perfect skin-compatible ingredient for even those with sensitive skin. Additional roles (e.g., anti-oxidant, anti-melanin, free radical scavenging and etc) were conducted and discovered in Visgeneer’s laboratory using biochemical/cellular experiments. No animal study was conducted.

This year, VISGENEER will expand the application of zeaxanthin from skin care product to food health product. The company is believed to be a unique supplier of products using natural zeaxanthin as major ingredient. I have strong confidence that Visgeneer will soon occupy a place in the international healthcare market.