EMO Hannover 2019, the largest Machine Tool Show, will be held on Sept. 16 in Germany, Taiwan major machinery manufacturers are eager to get the big orders

全球最大2019 EMO工具機展9月16日開展,台灣業者精銳盡出搶大單

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EMO Hannover, the world’s largest machine tool show, began in Hannover, Germany on Sept. 16th, TAMI chairman Mr. Pa-Hsi KO led a total of 206 Taiwanese precision machinery manufacturers to participate in the exhibition, which ranked the third largest in the world and the largest participating group other than European participating countries. Taiwanese manufacturers have developed high-end machine tools such as five-axis machining machines, turning and milling centers for many years. In recent years, the Taiwanese industry has made greater efforts to develop in the field of industry 4.0 such as smart machinery and smart manufacturing. A variety of high-end, customized and intelligent single machines, production lines and entire plant equipment will be on display at this year’s EMO show. We are quite confident that we will get big orders of more than $1 billion.

According to the statistics of the organizers, Taiwan’s 206 precision machinery manufacturers have a total exhibition area of 21,052 square meters, break the previous record and ranking the third largest group in the world, and also is the largest participating group outside the EU. As Taiwan’s machine tools and precision components win at a high CP value, Impressed by global buyers, it is estimated that they will have the opportunity to win large orders of US$1 billion to inject new living water into the Taiwanese machine tool industry at a low tide.

EMO is an exhibition of machine tools that must be visited by the world’s major precision machinery buyers. This year, a total of 206 Taiwanese manufacturers signed up for the exhibition. Major exhibitors include FFG, Victor Taichung, Tongtai, HIWIN, GOODWAY , LITZ, YCM, FEMCO, WELE, Hartford, DAHLIH, CHMER. Among them, FFG’s exhibition scope even includes all the entire pavilions of Hall 14. The Taiwanese exhibitors will exhibit high-end and high-priced models and key components of machine tools, such as intelligent machine tools, fully automated production lines, gantry machines, five-axis machining machines, turning and milling combined machine centers. In order to meet the needs of the European high-end user market, it is estimated that it has the opportunity to obtain a large order of NT$30 billion.

EMO machine tools exhibitionhas the highest, and largest display scale, exhibitors and visitors. It has been the first choice for all professional buyers, processing users and professionals in the industry to understand the latest development trends and transaction procurement in the industry. As the world’s leading metal cutting machine exhibition, the 2019 EMO showcases all solutions for tooling, manufacturing systems, high precision tools, automated logistics, computer technology, industrial electronics, accessories and industrial 4.0 and networked production related categories. At that time, the world’s leading exhibitors will bring the latest technology metal processing equipment to fully meet the needs of professional buyers from all over the world.

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全球最大的歐洲工具機展EMO 2019, 9月16日起在德國漢諾威盛大開展,臺灣機械公會理事長柯拔希帶領206家台灣精密機械廠商前往參展,名列全球第三大及歐盟以外最大參展團。台灣廠商多年來研發五軸加工機、車銑複合加工機等高階工具機有成,近年來更全力朝智慧機械、智慧製造等工業4.0領域發展,成果遍地開花,舉凡高端、客製化與智慧化的單機、整線及整廠設備,將在今年EMO展場上精銳盡出,有信心拿到10億美元以上的大訂單。



EMO無論展示規模、參展廠商與參觀人數均居全球之冠,長期來一直是行業內專業買家、加工用戶和專業人士瞭解行業最新發展趨勢與交易採購的第一選擇。作為世界首屈一指的金屬切削加工機展覽,2019 EMO展示重點包括工具機、製造系統、高精密工具、自動化物流、電腦技術、工業電子產品、配件及工業4.0和網路化生產相關類別的所有解決方案,屆時全球知名參展廠商將帶來最新科技的金屬加工設備,來充分滿足各國專業買家的需求。

※If you want to read more information about this activity, please go on website of the Commercial Times(更多相關報導請上): https://ctee.com.tw/topic/2019emo