SUN FIRM MACHINERY (SFM) provides giant smart CNC lathes to become the flagship attraction of EMO

三鋒智能化巨型數控車床 EMO展矚目焦點

2019 EMO will be held in Hanover, Germany from 16th to 21st of September, SFM will unveil the most advanced CST-46200, CST-42120 super heavy-duty CNC lathes.

SFM has a 60 years professional experience in the manufacture of heavy duty horizontal giant lathes, which are world widely known for having excellent technology and quality.

SFM is the leading brand of horizontal CNC lathes in Taiwan, not only won numerous awards in Taiwan, but has also won recognition and appreciation from domestic and foreign customers. They hold the strongest machining performance as well as the shortest machine’s delivery time.

SFM specializes in the design and manufacture of a full range of horizontal CNC lathes and precision lathes and keeps developing new models every year. SFM lathe has superior performances which make SFM products standing out within the same type of products and demonstrating the amazing R&D capabilities of Taiwan’s machine tools.

SFM lathes are being assembled with high-quality components to manufacture a full range of CNC lathes and heavy-duty precision lathes in order to meet customer’s needs, and to both possess the most efficient technical characteristics of the market and high quality. SFM offers a wide range of products’ features, including swing over bed 730~3500mm, width of bed 460~2000mm, spindle bore 105~760mm, and distance between center 1,000~20,000mm.

Currently, SFM may surely be the most complete manufacturer of giant lathes in Taiwan. Alan Lin, chairman of the company, states that in order to make customers more competitive, the company attaches great importance to innovative research and development. SFM insists on having their own R&D team, proud of this main asset coming from 60 years‘ inheritance of excellent technical know-how.

At the moment, SFM is the only machine tool factory that can design and manufacture lathes according to customers’ requirements in Taiwan, they have unparalleled adaptability to customer’s needs. From stand-alone to turn-key transfer, SFM provides full customer service.

Taiwan is the fourth largest producer of machine tools in the world. In this EMO exhibition Taiwan’s exhibiting teams occupy a more than 10,000 square meters area, SFM being the one which will draw the greatest attention among Taiwan exhibition teams. General Manager Amy Guo is proud to say that SUN FIRM MACHINERY will exhibit CST-46200 and CST-42120 super-large heavy-duty CNC lathes in this EMO exhibition, and that it can meet the needs of aerospace, automobile, mold, steel, shipbuilding, and energy industries. These products are able to process very large workpieces in each of these industry fields. SFM remains confident that it will once again demonstrate to the world its supremacy in this area as well as its excellent innovative research and development capabilities.