TPI bearings are featured at the EMO exhibition in Germany, stunning worldwide

東培TPI軸承德國EMO展亮點展出 驚豔全球

TUNG PEI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, (hereunder TPI) the largest professional bearing manufacturer in Taiwan, uses “TPI” as brand to provide global industry standard design and customized bearing products. 2019 EMO Hannover opened the exhibition at Hall 6, Stand H77, from September 16th to 21st. This year, the exhibition featured the theme “Intelligent Technology Drives Future Production and Manufacturing”. In response to this global trend, TPI is committed to factory automation, energy saving, machine digitization, and exhibits key bearing product for different applications, such as Strainwave reducer for the robot arm, precision bearing for high-speed oil-lubricated spindle, lathe spindle and ball screw support unit. In this exhibition, TPI will present product with Industry 4.0 related concept along with solutions for variety application.

Mr. Wen-Chieh Chen, President of TPI, pointed out that Germany’s high-precision machine tool technology is in leading position of the world. TPI is also dedicated to produce quality bearings for more than 50 years. By aiming at “Technology First” and providing technical solutions for customers, TPI successfully developed unique business model with German manufacturers and earned reputation on customized product.

To achieve continuous growth in the future, TPI spend plenty resource to satisfy customers’ need and continues to scale up its R&D department. High quality production procedures are one of the core value for TPI bearing products. From forging, turning, grinding and assembly, steel balls and spare parts, TPI is consistently improved its production technologies with high vertical integration.

TPI has successfully opened up the international market and was participated in the German EMO in 2017 and the US IMTS Exhibition in 2018. Through the exhibition, TPI has presented spindle bearing and radial bearing to the world. It has always attracted the attention of the European and American machine tools, automation and high-tech industries, and won the trust of international customers.

In recent years, precision bearings for machine tool industry has been a main focus of product development at TPI. TPI has established independent development capability of precision bearing for high-speed spindles application such as BT50 and A2-8. Next step for TPI is to diversify product range by developing roller bearing and integrating ball bearing-related produc. The product application will be expanded to the machine tool, automation and green energy industries in near future.

TPI has a 50 more-year history and the company’s Precision Machinery Division has expanded its operations to off-site ordering in recent years. Based on the automation of the bearing production line, it provides customized services for the industry. Facing the huge business opportunities driven by new technologies such as Industry 4.0, 5G, Internet of Things, and Big Data, TPI is convinced to provide customized solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. In turn, it will become a smart manufacturing solutions provider and a leader in this field.

國內第一大軸承專業製造廠-東培公司,以「TPI」做為軸承品牌及企業活力的表徵,提供全球產業標準設計與客製化軸承產品。2019德國漢諾威工具機(EMO)展,於9月16日-22日在Hall6,Stand H77展出。今年以「智能科技驅動未來生產製造」為展出主軸,為呼應此全球趨勢,東培針對工廠自動化、節能、機台數位化,展出機器手臂關鍵零組件-TD減速機、高速油氣潤滑主軸用軸承、BT50、BT40、車床主軸用精密軸承及導螺桿支撐用精密軸承等,展現東培新的工業4.0概念,並提供智慧工廠新產品和解決方案,精銳盡出、驚豔國際。


著眼全球的TPI品牌已成功打開國際市場,東培2017年參加德國EMO及2018年參加美國IMTS展,向全球展現東培的高速油氣潤滑主軸軸承、精密軸承,備受歐美工具機、自動化、高科技產業界的關注,贏得國際客戶的信賴。 凸顯東培隱形冠軍的風采,也為台灣製造的MIT軸承迎戰全球。