YINSH Precision is moving towards a precision and intelligent manufacturing factory to welcome the world with “small parts to achieve the big world”


In 1989, when YINSH produced the first nut, it began to expand the “small parts to achieve the big world” plan. After the establishment of the world’s first “precision nut testing laboratory” in 2012, the company has provided a better choice for the industry by continuously researching and developing new products. In 2016, in order to optimize the process, the company introduced high-end equipment to provide good precision, more accurate delivery and more competitive prices. In 2018,   it has been expected that “YINSH Precision Wisdom Manufacturing Factory” can create a broader vision and allow Taiwan’s precision machinery to continue to develop in the world. And they are expected to become the precision nuts and precision parts manufacturing plant required by the world’s major tool machine manufacturers.

YINSH’s “Smart Manufacturing (Dali Factory) New Ceremony” plans to build a new smart manufacturing plant with an area of ??1,000 pings and 2,000 pings of Jianping. The company has accumulated experience in smart manufacturing over the past three years, combined with the technology of its partners at home and abroad, to create a smarter factory with a “scientific, energy-saving, and intelligent” element.

YINSH mainly supplies the “SBL” or “SGL” series for high-speed machines in the domestic tool machine industry, or the “YS” and “YSPL” series of precision nuts with complete specifications. The company also developed the “Y SAFS” series of axial force sensors. The products are quality-controlled through precision measurement laboratories and imported SPCs, ensuring functionality through precision nut testing laboratories and force calibration laboratories. Their products are provided by three TAF-certified laboratories to provide relevant test data and calibration reports, thereby continuously improving the company’s R&D and marketing capabilities, so that its product quality and price are both key to marketing.

YINSH’s products are sold in more than 40 countries around the world, with a domestic market share of nearly 80%, and are actively manufacturing precision parts. In this way, they hope to meet the needs of large-scale tool machine manufacturers in Europe, the United States and Japan, and develop a model suitable for the development of smart manufacturing for small and medium-sized enterprises.

1989年盈錫精密生產第一顆螺帽時就開始擴展「小零件成就大世界」的版圖。2012年成立全球第一家「精密螺帽檢測實驗室」藉著不斷研究與開發新產品,提供給業界更好的選擇。2016年不斷優化製程,導入高端設備,提供良好的精度、更準確的交期、更有競爭力的價格 服務業者。2018年盈錫精密即將蛻變,期許「盈錫精密智慧製造廠」 開創更廣闊的視野,讓台灣精品持續在世界發光,期許成為全球各大 工具機廠所需的精密螺帽及精密零件製造廠。

盈錫精密「智慧製造(大里廠)新建動土祈福典禮」,規畫新建占地面積1,000坪、建坪2,000坪、總共4層樓高之智慧製造新廠,將過去3年來累積智慧製造的經驗,結合國內外合作夥伴的技 術能量,打造具「科技、節能、智慧」元素的少人化智慧工廠。

盈錫精密主要供應國內工具機業用於高速機種的「SBL」或「SGL」系列,或是規格齊全的「YS」及「YSPL」系列精密螺帽,並研發「Y SAFS」系列的軸向力感測器,產品經由精密量測實驗室與導入SPC來為品質把關,更透過精密螺帽檢測實驗室與力量校正實驗室來確保功 能性,由三間TAF認證的實驗室提供相關的測試數據及校正報告,不 斷提升公司的研發與行銷實力,讓其產品品質與價格兼具,成為行銷全球的主要關鍵。