Fagor Automation introduces new generation controllers and optical scales


In industrial manufacturing, flexible and customized solutions increase productivity and ensure precision and highest processing quality. Fagor Automation presented the new Quercus series at this year’s EMO Machine Tool Show in Hannover, Germany, which made the visiting visitors amazing.

Quercus is an integrated product that includes digital controls, servo modules, communication networks, spindle motors and full digital feedback systems. Quercus is not only suitable for high-performance turning and milling machines, laser cutting machines, but also for the additive manufacturing and production systems for the 3C industry.

Richard Lee , general manager of Fagor Taiwan, pointed out that Quercus uses a newly designed control algorithm and a more compact hardware design. It has made a comprehensive adjustment to the drive system, integrating the latest generation of electronic components to improve overall efficiency. Such a solution has met the increasingly complex challenges of the future, thereby providing a possibility for manufacturers and users to compete more.

The Quercus is equipped with a faster CPU and larger memory for more complex control algorithm , and the drive system uses the state-of-the-art electronic components, reducing overall space by 60%. The controller and the driver use Sercos III digital communication, the communication speed is up to 100 MBd, which greatly improves the performance of the axial control loops and faster communication. Such an arrangement means that more information can be collected, which provides the user with various possibilities for implementing Industry 4.0 in the future. However, the human-machine interface also has a new design, using WEB-based technology. By this, the user interface is easier to operate and can be switched between platforms.

Fagor’s full range of optical and angular encoders provide incremental and absolute signals, in addition to Fagor, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Siemens and PC-base controllers, and supports Yaskawa, Panasonic, BissC, SSI absolute protocol drivers. This product is suitable for machine tools, special machines, automatic control equipment. In recent years, Fagor has introduced the absolute protocol FeeDat for customized versatility. In addition to providing position and speed information, it also provides temperature and vibration information. Fagor lets the upper controller analyze to improve work efficiency.

In addition, for non-contact open optical linear scales, the maximum speed can reach 480 m/min, which can be widely used in semiconductor equipment, electronic machinery, linear motors, automatic control and coordinate measuring machines.

The newly developed 3STATECH technology’s 3 series of enclosed optical linear scales S3 & G3, and 2 series of angular encoders have greatly improved oil resistant and against contaminant through new design and materials. The non-contact open optical linear scale integrates the signal strength indicator into the L2R & L2S series of reading heads to speed up installation and adjustment. And the product has added an absolute protocols to make its application more flexible and wider.


Quercus 是一個整合性的產品,包含數位控制,伺服模組,通訊網路,主軸馬達及全數位回授系統。Quercus 不僅適用於高性能的車銑床機器,雷射切割機,對於目前新興的加法加工,3C產業同樣適用。


Quercus 有更快速的CPU與更大的記憶體來因應更複雜的控制運算,驅動系統使用最先進的電子元件,整體空間減少了60%,控制器與驅動器間採用SercosⅢ數位通訊,其通訊速度高達100 MBd,大幅提升了軸向各控制迴路的效能,並且更快速的通訊,意味著更多的訊息可被收集,這提供使用者將來在實現工業4.0的各種可能。而在人機介面也有全新的設計,採用了以WEB為基礎的技術,讓使用者介面更簡單操作,並且可在各平台間轉換。

發格全系列的光學尺及角度編碼器提供增量與絕對式信號,除了可與Fagor、Fanuc、Mitsubishi、Siemens以及PC-base控制器搭配,並支援 Yaskawa、Panasonic、 BissC、 SSI絕對式通訊協定系列的驅動器,適用於工具機、專用機、自動控制設備。 並於近年導入客製化多功能性的絕對通訊協定FeeDat, 除了提供位置及速度訊息外,也可提供溫度及震動資訊,讓上位控制器分析判斷,提高工作效率。

另外,開放式光學尺,最高速度可達480 m/min, 可廣泛應用於半導體設備、電子機械、線性馬達、自動控制及檢驗設備。

發格全新開發的3STATECH技術的3系列封閉式光學尺 S3 & G3,及2系列的角度編碼器, 透過全新的設計及材料,大幅提升抗汙能力。開放式光學尺產品則是整合了信號強度指示到L2R & L2S 系列讀頭中,加速安裝及調整, 且增加了絕對式產品,使其應用更具彈性,適用範圍更加寬廣。