YSPMC’s industrial brake clutch is trusted on both sides of the strait


The YSPMC team led by TAMI’s Honorary Chairman Xu Xiuchang and his son Xu Qihao has been working in the precision machinery industry in Taiwan for more than 60 years. The industrial pneumatic brake clutch is known for its reliable quality, excellent performance and the highest price/performance ratio in the industry. It has a high market share in markets such as Taiwan and China and is known as the invisible champion of the Taiwanese industry.

For large-scale industrial machinery such as stamping, forging, screwing, and canning, if it is necessary to continue to operate safely, stably, and efficiently, a powerful and stable pneumatic brake clutch is indispensable. YSPMC can become a leader in Taiwan’s precision machinery industry, mainly because the company attaches great importance to product quality, performance and after-sales service. For example, the castings required for the production of brake clutches are complicated and have a large and thin appearance, and the initial production failure rate is high. YSPMC has tried many times and spent about 10 years researching and improving with the foundry before it was put into production.

In addition, including important components such as springs oil seals, and brake lining the company also directly adopts high-priced imported products or self-developed materials to produce high-performance and high-reliability products, thereby gaining users’ praise and trust.

YSPMC’s industrial pneumatic brake clutch has won the customer’s approval with excellent quality. In addition to the market share of over 80% of large machinery, it has also crossed the screw machinery market. Such products have even come to the Chinese industry to purchase, so that the company has the reputation of the first brand in the industry.