OR Victor VTM gearbox is renowned for its high quality and precision


Under the leadership of Chairman Huang Minghe and General Manager Liao Dechuan, OR Victor VTM has continued to develop gearboxes for plastic and rubber machinery and gearbox heads for vertical, horizontal and Double-column Machining centers in recent years. The group also produces large racks and spindle gearboxes for linear transmission in the Double-column Machining center, and has successfully attracted customers with three characteristics: high precision, high efficiency and high reliability. Due to a stable source of orders, the group became the first brand in Taiwan’s precision gear industry.

Precision machine tools and various industrial machinery should be able to achieve high-speed, stable and quiet processing performance, high-precision gear is absolutely essential. OR Victor VTM has a mission of “turning the world” and the gearboxes produced have many features. Including the use of high-rigidity steel, the gear parts are precision-ground and precision machined by high-order mechanical equipment, and carefully combined to keep them quiet and silent during operation. Due to the use of DIN 17210 steel, the gear shaft is extremely durable in addition to its hardness and is therefore popular in the market.

General Manager Liao Dechuan pointed out that OR Victor VTM can maintain its reputation as the first brand in Taiwan’s precision gear industry today, mainly because of its investment in cutting-edge gear processing equipment. At present, there are more than 80 gear grinding and processing equipment in the factory area, including the gear teeth lapping machine purchased from the Swiss manufacturer REISHAUER and Germany manufacturer HOFLER, which bought 4 units at a time, with a total price of more than NT$150 million. As for the German HOFLER Rapis2000 gear teeth lapping machine, each set up to NT$50 million, the largest can withstand large gears up to 2 meters in diameter. Thanks to the above-mentioned precision gear processing equipment, the company can produce precision gears with grinding accuracy in accordance with Japan’s JIS highest grade -0 and German DIN4 grades, thereby providing superior technical capabilities.


精密工具機與各種產業機械要能高速、穩定、安靜的加工運轉,高精密的齒輪絕對不可少。台穩精密以「轉動全世界」做為經營使命,所生產的齒輪箱具有多項特色,包括採用高剛性鋼材,齒輪零件均經高階機械設備精密研磨與精密加工,再細心組合而成,讓其運轉時保持安靜無聲。齒輪軸係因採用DIN 17210鋼材,除硬度特強外,並具耐久性,因而產品上市後受到市場歡迎,一路暢銷至今。

台穩總經理廖德川指出,台穩今日能在台灣精密齒輪業界搶下第一品牌的寶座,主因該公司對尖端齒輪加工設備的投資不手軟,現在廠區內所具有的齒輪研磨與加工設備大大小小超過80台,其間包含向瑞士大廠REISHURER所採購的齒研機,一口氣就買了4台,總價逾1.5億元;德國HOFLER Rapis2000齒研機,每台身價高達5,000萬元,最大能耐可以研磨出直徑達2米的大型齒輪,台穩因擁有上述精密的齒輪加工設備做後盾,因此可以製作出研磨精度符合日本JIS最高等級-0級與德國DIN4級的精密齒輪,技術能力搶先群倫。