GSA TECHNOLOGY’s high-end machine tool at EMO surpasses the crowd

旭陽EMO展高階精品 技壓群雄

2019 EMO opened in Hanover, Germany on the 16th. GSA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, the leading manufacturer of tooling machines in Taiwan, was exhibited in the B90 booth area of Hall 4. It contains 5 categories of CNC Rotary Table and CNC lathe turret products, each of which is almost performance and quality. Optimized boutique level. Among them, the newly released high-end DD direct drive motor dividing table and BMT power turret are the important goods for sales. Whether it is to compare performance, accuracy, rigidity and stability, it will not be worse than the same European or Japanese manufacturer of the same class, but the price is far better than the other.

The General Manager of GSA TECH, who is present at the venue, said that this year, for the EMO exhibition, they selected CNC Rotary Table, CNCT tilting table, Roller Gear Cam rotary table, DD Direct-Drive rotary table, CNC lathe turret/tool holder. There are 14 types of products in 5 categories including the Mega thru-hole type CNC rotary table. They provide a wide range of products that can fully meet the needs of domestic and foreign machine tool manufacturers and machining users in upgrading metal processing. Among them, the three types of Direct-Drive rotary table such as DDR210-50A, DDR115-40A and DDR175-50WS are the most attention. Among them, DDR210-50A with modular jig fixture and GSA Powerful Tailstock TSA-200S make customers’ processing options more diversified. DDR115-40 was developed to match the lightweight and high-speed machining characteristics of the 3C processing industry. As for the DDR175-50, it is a direct drive with a high-load design bearing and can be used as a horizontal device.

For the CNC lathe turret products, the GSA team also exhibited a new BMT power turret. Unlike the European VDI architecture, this product allows the user to be more stable during processing and to increase rigidity and precision. And because of its small size, it can add more space for machine processing, in line with the current development trend of international-class tool machine manufacturers and meet the needs of high-end turning and milling composite processing. Therefore, the market potential of this product is highly promising.

Mr. Liang-Chi Yu / General Manager said that in order to develop the European high-end machine tool market, this year’s EMO exhibition is all high-end rotary tables and CNC lathe turrets. Many of them are popular items that are popular among international buyers when TIMTOS was exhibited in March this year. It is an evaluation of the orders that will attract international buyers during the exhibition period, adding new impetus to the growth of operations next year.

GSA is led by Chairman Mr. Quinn C. Yu, General Manager Mr. Liang-Chi Yu and Vice-General Manager Mr. Liang-Hung Yu, etc., to produce performance tools, quality and precision to compete with Japanese and European manufacturers of CNC Rotary Table and CNC lathe turrets at home and abroad. After becoming the first in the domestic market in Taiwan, the company has been widely adopted by Chinese domestic investment, Taiwanese-funded and Japanese-made machine tool companies in recent years. The company’s market share in mainland China has been rising and it has become the leading brand of CNC Rotary Table across the Taiwan Straits.