FAIR FRIEND GROUP exhibited 35 high-end machines attracting global buyers


EMO 2019 officially opened today (16) in Hannover, Germany. FAIR FRIEND GROUP takes “FOCUS ON SMART PRODUCTION” as the theme of the exhibition, focusing on the entire 14th pavilion, and assembling 20 corporate brands in 7 countries, including MAG in Germany and JOBS in Italy. Switzerland PFIFFNER, Japan SNK, South Korea DMC, US SMS and Taiwan’s FEELER, LEADWELL, EQUIPTOP, etc., a total of 35 high-end machines and the latest technology. The exhibition content includes integrated solutions for various industries and a number of advanced automated production lines. At the same time, the industrial 4.0 demonstration area was set up on site, which caused repercussions in the exhibition hall, which is expected to attract a large number of international buyers to visit and purchase.

FAIR FRIEND GROUP participated in the EMO with a total exhibition area of 6,700 square meters this year. It has set up theme areas such as automobile, aerospace, medical, electronics, 5G future factory and smart manufacturing. The exhibition content is quite diverse. Among them, the parent company FEELER exhibited five-axis series U-600P and U-800T, which are mainly used in aerospace, automobiles, molds, medical equipment and so on.

As for the group’s branch factory, Taiwan’s LEADWELL exhibited the Twin Turret high-performance lathe, while EQUIPTOP showed the saddle-style CNC grinding machine. In addition, foreign branch factory exhibition machine, including Germany MAG’s auto parts processing special manufacturing machine, VDF Boehringer’s high-end lathe, MODUL gear special machine, and Swiss well-known brand Pfiffner’s multi-axis machine. The items on site are numerous and quite complete.

It is worth mentioning that FAIR FRIEND GROUP has specially selected a number of advertisements throughout Germany for the promotion. For example, there are many advertisements such as billboards, light boxes and huge posters in the outdoor transportation area of the terminal to enhance the exposure. It is expected to become the focus of buyers from all over the world during the world’s largest machine tool exhibition, and to take the “Taiwan” brand to the international stage.

2019歐洲工具機展(EMO)今(16)日起在德國漢諾威正式登場,友嘉集團以「FOCUS ON SMART PRODUCTION」做為參展主題,大手筆包下第14館整座展館,集結旗下7個國家20家企業品牌全力參展,包括德國MAG、義大利JOBS、瑞士PFIFFNER、日本SNK、韓國DMC、美國SMS及台灣友嘉FEELER、麗偉LEADWELL、眾程EQUIPTOP等,總計展示36台高端機台與最新科技技術,並包含各產業的整合解決方案,及展示多條先進自動化生產線,並設置工業4.0示範區域,在展場造成轟動,可望吸引大批國際買主前往參觀與採購,大單在握。


至於集團台灣姊妹廠部分,台灣麗偉展出雙主軸雙刀塔高性能車床,眾程秀出動鞍式CNCN磨床;另外,國外姐妹廠展機部分,計有德國MAG的汽車零配件加工專用製造機、VDF Boehringer的高階車床、MODUL的齒輪專用機,及瑞士知名品牌Pfiffner的多軸機等,品項眾多,相當齊全。