KEN’s large five-axis machining centers are recognized and perform well in the market


The 2019 European Machine Tool Show (EMO) was launched in Hannover, Germany on the 16th. KEN CNC, the largest manufacturer of large five-axis machining centers in Taiwan, exhibited the popular CompactB 3222 in Hall B16. This gantry type five-axis machining center technical features such as one piece base/box in box cross beam/linear motor drive. Moreover, this product is known for its high speed, high precision and optimum rigidity, and can be applied to aerospace and automotive molds requiring high efficiency/high precision machining. After the exhibition, the equipment was handed over to French customers. KEN has now expanded to customers in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and other countries to provide cost-effective products.

Yeuh Mingyue, chairman of KEN CNC, stressed that the performance, precision and quality of the company’s large five-axis machining center machine are highly recognized by international buyers, and the sales volume is good. In 2018, the production and sales volume exceeded 70 units. This record is a new milestone for the Taiwanese industry. Among them, the company’s products in the South Korea, mainland China and other places are the market’s first title. In the future, the company will move toward the goal of more than 100 units of annual production and sales, and become a key equipment manufacturer to support the development of the global aerospace industry.

Chang Ensheng, general manager of KEN, explained that Taiwan’s machine maker have been affected by Sino-US trade conflicts this year, and their performance has generally fallen sharply. However, due to the transformation of KEN, KEN has gradually shifted its business focus from automobile molds to aerospace processing industry three years ago. Moreover, because the global aerospace market continues to flourish and is not affected by the Sino-US trade war, the impact of KEN’s machine tool industry is relatively small. This year they will strive to maintain the operating standards of last year.

Chang Ensheng said that the specific practice of KEN’s operation towards the aerospace processing industry includes actively participating in exhibitions in China, Spain, the United States, France, Turkey, South Korea and other countries to broaden new customers and expand the market.

Secondly, the company’s management team below the chairman’s rank will accompany the agents of the countries to grasp the market, and strive to improve the sales target in the aerospace supply chain. Let the company gradually cooperate with the larger tier 1 customers from the previous tier 2, while expanding the order source.

In addition, in order to fully meet the different processing needs of customers in the international market for various types of aerospace components, KEN has also invested a large amount of manpower, material resources and financial resources in the past 10 years to develop various corresponding aerospace five-axis machining center machines. The FocusS and CompactB/LinmaxB series can be used for high removal efficiency machining of aluminum alloy parts. For SABER and TITAN, it is specially developed for hard-to-cut titanium, nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy and special steel components. As for RHINO, it is dedicated to the production of aircraft engines. After being developed and sold, these products have been supported by international aerospace processing users through continuous optimization and upgrades and international verification, so that KEN’s machine tools are constantly expanding in the aerospace market.

2019歐洲工具機展(EMO)16日起在德國漢諾威隆重登場,台灣第一大型五軸加工中心機專業廠商-大前科技在27館B16展出市場當紅的CompactB 3222機種,該款天車式龍門五軸加工中心機具備一體式底座/箱中箱橫樑/直線電機驅動等技術亮點,而以高速、高精與最佳剛性聞名業界,應用在航太與汽車模具等高效率/高精度加工,性價比超優。展機結束後並將交給法國客戶,大前科技已進軍歐洲法國、西班牙、葡萄牙、德國等國家客戶,意義非凡。




其次,該公司從董事長以下的經營團隊陪同各國代理商征戰市場,全力爭取銷售對象在航太供應鏈的位階,從以往的tier 2逐步向更大的tier 1客戶靠攏,擴大訂單來源。