PRO exhibits two smart control feeders and AUBO Zibo Collaboration Robot


PRO Auto Bar Feeder“, the manufacturer of the internationally renowned lathe feeder, exhibited two new feeders. These two products are equipped with human-machine interface, and the flat-panel wireless network is remotely monitored by multiple machines, presenting intelligent control functions. At the same time, the company first published the “AUBO Collaborative Robot”, which is the fastest entry for SMEs.

PRO was founded in 2001 to produce automatic bar feeders. The main products are equipped with multi-function lathes and automatic guided vehicles, such as Sliding head CNC digital control lathe, Fixed head CNC digital control lathe. Through PRO’s own brand and as an ODM supplier, the company has marketed its products to markets in the US, Korea, China, Brazil, Germany and Europe.

Li Shiming, the company’s chairman, pointed out that collaborative robots are in high demand in the field of industrial automation and can quickly lead small and medium-sized enterprises to import automated production. Moreover, this machine can improve the quality of personnel, and can work close to people without safety protection.

AUBO collaborative robots can be manually dragged to teach, record trajectories, paths, speeds, and then the collaborative robots repeat the action, eliminating the need for complex programming.



鐠羅機械董事長李世明表示,協作型機器人在工業自動化領域中需 求旺盛,能快速帶領中小企業導入自動化生產,而且可以提升人員素質,不用安全防護、可以與人近距離工作。