CHING HUNG, the first brand of Taiwan’s EDM industry, is famous overseas for its innovative strength and precision performance.


2019 The world’s largest machine tool exhibition, EMO exhibition, will be held in Hannover from the 16th to the 21st. CHING HUNG, the first brand of Taiwan’s EDM industry, is famous overseas for its innovative strength and precision performance. The company will exhibit high-precision wire-cutting machines, aerospace-specific deep-hole machines, and intelligent high-speed processing machines, and will showcase smart machine integration solutions. The company attacked MIT with the dual brands of CHMER and AMS and displayed MIT on the international stage.

The general manager of the company, Mr. Wang Chenhong, said: The “RV853L intelligent linear motor drive wire cutting machine” exhibited by us is not only famous for its high precision, but also a variety of intelligent functions that are convenient for customer operation and management. RV853L won the 2017 Taiwan Golden Award, the 2018 National Brand Yushan Award and the National First Prize for Best Product. Moreover, in the 2019 TIMTOS exhibition, the product won the Excellence Award in the Machine Tool Innovation R&D Competition. Thanks to the awards, the RV853L is the three champions of Taiwan’s machine tools.

General Manager Wang Chenhong said: RV853L wire cutting machine is committed to improving the processing efficiency and precision performance of large-scale molds, and can meet the precision and intelligent processing needs of large-size molds and parts in the automotive, aerospace and home appliance industries. In addition to a well-designed appearance, the RV853L places more emphasis on processing efficiency. We spare no effort in the breakthrough of professional technology, and successfully obtained a number of invention patents such as high-efficiency energy-saving water circulation system and automatic liquid level control. The company also emphasizes the various intelligent functions of customer operation and management convenience, and the product performance is deeply recognized by customers.

The company will showcase the RV853L, AD deep hole machine and HM high speed machine on the EMO with “Focus on Innovation” as the main axis. “AMS High Speed ​​Deep Hole Machining Machine – AD Series” can meet the needs of high-end parts processing such as special material processing and special multi-angle processing required by the aerospace industry. The product can be applied to turbine blades, combustion chambers, turbine disks, nozzle guide vanes, high pressure turbine sections, casings, fasteners and the like. The HM series high-speed processing machine adopts the gantry structure, which has the advantages of high stability and load-bearing characteristics to show the processing stability. It is worth mentioning that the HM4030L high-speed processing machine has also won the highest glory of 2019 Taiwanese products, and its innovative strength has been well received by customers.




慶鴻於EMO漢諾威展以「Focus on Innovation」為主軸,展出RV853L、AD深孔機、HM高速加工機。「AMS高速深孔加工機-AD系列」為滿足航太產業所需特殊材質加工、特殊多角度加工等之中高階零件加工需求,可應用於渦輪葉片、燃燒室、渦輪盤、噴嘴導葉、高壓渦輪段、機匣、扣件等加工。HM系列高速加工機採龍門式結構、具高剛性與耐荷重特性,展現加工穩定性之優勢。值得一提,HM4030L高速加工機亦獲2019台灣精品金質獎最高榮耀肯定,創新實力深獲客人青睞。