LICO high-end lathes are prevalent in the European market Aerospace and automobile and locomotive processing industry place large orders with the company

LICO高階車床 風靡歐洲市場 航太、汽機車加工業大量下單

LICO has 42 years of experience in the production of high-end lathes and has been favored by the “LICO Machinery” Taiwan brand in the world’s largest machine tool exhibition EMO. The multi-slide high-order automatic lathes produced by LICO LNT-S are exported to the German aerospace and steam locomotive processing industries. The company recently received a large number of orders and will ship in the third quarter.

LICO manager Zheng Guangzhe said that “LICO high-end lathe” has deep consumption support in Europe and the United States. Although the Sino-US trade war has slowed down in the US, the European market has grown, especially Ligao Machinery is a long-term customer in Germany. Market investment confidence has rebounded and equipment demand is booming.

The first generation of “LNT multi-slide automatic lathe” was launched in 1993, and dozens of Taiwanese products were also awarded the first Taiwan Excellence Award. The product was then exhibited and sold abroad. Until 2004, with Siemens’ breakthrough digital controllers, and improved small problems reflected by customers, the efficiency and durability were greatly improved. At that time, the company invited professional aesthetic designers to design sheet metal to enhance the overall beauty and launch the second generation. Then, the sales volume flourished and the international brand was gradually established with the LICO Machinery brand.

The third-generation LNT multi-slide automatic lathe was launched last year. When the product was exhibited at the Chicago show in the United States and AMD Germany Stuttgar, it was sold to customers in Europe, America and India. With the progress of the European market and the biennial EMO exhibition, the company expects to achieve better sales this year.

In recent years, the company has helped international customers to upgrade their production lines and increase production efficiency, thereby assisting foreign customers to realize unmanned chemical plants operating 24 hours a day.

Manager Zheng pointed out that in response to the global customer opinion, the upgrade of intelligent software will be upgraded. The temperature change caused by the external climate or uninterrupted processing can be balanced by intelligent control, plus more customized knives. The position and turret selection can show stable and excellent processing efficiency and precision.

The equipment produced by the company is expensive for customers but can be used for 15 to 20 years. And the company’s sales service is fast, and it is several times more durable than other cards for many years. It is a high-efficiency equipment with high CP value.

擁有42年歷史專門生產高階車床的利高機械,以「LICO Machinery」台灣品牌在世界最大工具機展示會EMO展中備受青睞,LICO LNT-S多滑座高階自動車床熱銷於德國航太、汽機車加工業,利高機械近期大量接單,第三季陸續出貨。


「LNT多滑座自動車床」第一代在1993年研發推出,在國內賣了數十台還榮獲第一屆台灣精品獎,接著到國外展出銷售;直到2004年 搭配西門子有突破性的數位控制器,並將客戶反映的小問題改善,大幅提升效率及耐用性,並請來美學設計將板金設計提高整體美感,推出第二代後外銷蓬勃發展,並且以LICO Machinery品牌逐漸打開國際知名度。




利高設備在客戶眼中,即使購買時較貴,但動輒使用15至20幾年, 售服速度又快,長年下來卻比他牌更加耐用好幾倍,是CP值超高的高效率設備。