Deepfake深偽技術造成「假」訊息氾濫 除了fake還可用這些字

隨著科技的進展,AI技術出神入化,尤其是透過人工智慧人體圖像合成技術的應用Deepfake「深偽技術」更是在近期備受討論與爭議。Deepfake是英文deep learning(深度學習)和fake(偽造)的混成詞,專指利用人工智慧的技術實現合成的影像,並且專門運用在人臉的部分,就像是將一張新的人臉移植到影片中的人物上;並能透過大量的影音素材,訓練AI從現有的數據產生更多新數據,藉由這些資料控制目標人物的人臉,就如同操縱一個木偶般,讓影片中的人物說出、表現出使用者想呈現的話語和表情。



fake可以當作動詞、名詞或和形容詞。 我們常見的形容詞fake「假的」相似詞還有bogus、counterfeit,口語上也可以用phony來形容。

Ms. Wilson found out that her client filed a bogus insurance claim.
(Ms. Wilson 發現她的客戶提交了一份假的保險索賠。)

Several counterfeit designer bags were confiscated by the customs.


You should report to the police if you discover vendors selling knockoffs online.

fake 的相反詞是 real、genuine、authentic「真實的」,在我們日常生活中常看到的genuine 經常用在真皮製品中,如100% genuine leather(100%真皮)。

The paintings were closely examined and proved to be genuine works of Vincent van Gogh.

Have you tried the newly-opened restaurant across the street, which boasts fresh ingredients and authentic Italian cuisine?

deepfake是用AI技術來操作「改變」,常見的英文除了change,還可以使用alter (v)「更改、改變」,名詞為 alteration。

We need to alter our marketing strategies in order to cater to younger consumers.

The alterations of the document was made by our legal team.

red flag警訊、manipulate操縱

Given that the accent, mouth movements and facial expressions were highly accurate, the only red flag was how unlikely it was for Mr. Obama to say something like that publicly. The video is one example of artificial intelligence-synthesised media, more colloquially known as deepfakes. It uses a technique called facial re-enactment to manipulate the performance of a subject in an existing video.”This kind of technology, you can download the software, you can compile it, they are open source,” explained Associate Professor Hao Li.(CNA)
(有鑑於口音、嘴部的動作和面部表情都相當正確,唯一讓人覺得不尋常的是歐巴馬不太可能在公眾場合說那樣的話。這支影片就是人工智慧合成媒材,口語上稱作「深偽」。 它是利用臉部的重置來操縱影片中人物的表現。 Hao Li副教授解釋說「這種科技,你甚至可下載軟體來編輯,它們都是公開的資源。」)

red flag (n)字面上是「紅旗」的意思,如颱風來時,海灘上會立起紅旗,因此也引申為「警告、警訊」的意思。

Hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar level are red flags people shouldn’t ignore.

manipulate (v)「操縱、控制」。

The company was accused of manipulating the statistics to attract investors.

compile (v)在多益測驗中是個常見的動詞,解釋為「編製、編纂、匯編」,如將數個作品集結編纂成冊,或將資料彙整也可用這個單字,名詞為compilation。

Mr. Suzuki got his assistant to compile a list of lithium battery manufacturers.

synthesize (v)「合成」,synthetic (adj)「合成的、人造的」。

This jacket is made of synthetic fibers.



1.I’ll need to have this suit _______ before my job interview next month.
(A) to alter (B) altering (C) alter (D) altered

2.Several experts were called in to see if the document is forged or ___________.
(A) authentic (B) authorization (C) authoritarian (D) authority


1. 正解(D)。語意為「我需要在下個月的面試前修改這件西裝。」本題為使役動詞的文法題,使役動詞have之後要接物品的名詞,因此要選擇被動形式,故(D)為正解。

2. 正解(A)。語意為「幾位專家被請來查看文件是偽造還是真實的。」本題為單字題,要選擇符合句意的詞;forge (v)的意思是「偽造」,而連接詞 or可以接和前面forged做對比的名詞,因此要選擇authentic「真實的」,(B) 授權、(C) 專制,獨裁、(D) 當權者,權利。故(A)為正解。





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