Slim, strong, and quickly filled: new igus energy chain generation openable without tools

超薄、堅固、快速填充:新一代 igus 拖鏈,無需工具即可打開

At the Hannover Messe, igus presented the E4Q, a lightweight e-chain for unsupported lengths and long travels

Inspired by nature, designed for the industry: this is the new E4Q energy chain from igus. The chain links of the e-chain have a smooth, contoured design and a completely new crossbar concept with locking straps for weight reduction. These ensure that the new series can be opened and closed in seconds without tools. The energy chain has been specifically developed for the special requirements of unsupported lengths and long travels. The first prototype was presented by igus at the Hannover Messe 2019.

High unsupported lengths and long travels with large fill weight create extreme stress on energy chains. The igus developers have designed the E4Q e-chain intended for such application scenarios. Based on the robust energy chain standard E4.1 from igus, the new series brings along a long service life and a high degree of modularity. In order to optimise material and therefore the weight of the energy chain, shapes inspired by nature are used. The smooth, contoured design can be found on the outside of the chain links as well as on the stop-dogs. Despite material recesses, the new development has a high strength and stability comparable to the E4.1 series.

Tool-free and quick installation with new crossbars

Another special feature of the E4Q are the crossbars. These can be opened and closed completely without tools. On the top of the crossbar, there are two hollows for the fingers, by which the locking hooks can be easily pulled up. Unlocked on both sides, the crossbar can be removed with little effort. This allows the easy opening and closing of the chain even in a guide trough and accelerates the filling of the e-chain by up to 40 percent. Another advantage: The new crossbar has significantly higher pull-out forces than its counterparts in the locked state thanks to its innovative type.

Optionally with new additional noise dampening

Due to the special design of the e-chain, this is very quiet in the movement. However, if the user desires additional noise reduction, igus has integrated an optional system in the inner horizontal stop-dog for the E4Q. These are two connected balls that dampen the impact during the radius and extension stop. The balls are made of a new noise-optimised and soft material that further reduces the sound level without restricting the stability of the stop-dogs.

在漢諾威工業博覽會上,igus 推出了 E4Q,這是一款輕量型拖鏈,適用於懸空和長行程應用

靈感來自大自然,專為工業而設計:這就是來自 igus 的全新 E4Q 拖鏈。拖鏈的鏈身具有光滑的輪廓設計和全新的橫杆概念,可減輕重量。這些功能確保無需工具即可在幾秒鐘內打開和關閉拖鏈。拖鏈專門針對懸空和長行程應用的特殊要求而開發。2019 年,igus 在漢諾威工業博覽會上展出了第一個原型。

懸空長度和長行程以及大填充重量會對拖鏈產生極大的壓力。igus 開發人員設計出了用於此類應用的 E4Q 拖鏈。使用 igus 強壯的標準拖鏈 E4.1改良,新系列具有長使用壽命和高度模組化的特點。為了優化材料和減輕拖鏈的重量,開發人員受大自然的啟發,設計出全新形狀。鏈身的外側以及分隔板上採用了光滑的輪廓設計。儘管所有材料更為節省,但新開發的產品具有與 E4.1 系列相當的高強度和穩定性。


E4Q 的另一個特色是橫杆。無需工具即可完全打開和關閉。橫杆的頂部有兩個用於施力凹槽,藉助該凹槽可以很容易地拉起固定鍵。兩側都可以解鎖,可以輕鬆移除橫杆。這樣即使在導槽中,也能輕鬆打開和關閉拖鏈,並使拖鏈的填充速度提高 40%。另一個優勢:由於創新設計,新橫杆的抗拉力明顯高於鎖定狀態下的同類零件。


由於拖鏈的特殊設計,這款產品非常安靜。igus 在 E4Q 的側板內部中整合了一個可選配設計,適合想進一步降低噪音的用戶。這是一個特別的橡膠零件,可在拖鏈運行時減輕衝擊、降低噪音。且不會減少止動器的穩定性。

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