HITACHI Air Compressor Allows Whirl Wind Industrial to Maintain a 15% Growth Rate


Whirl-Wind Industrial Co., Ltd., the general agency of Japanese Hitachi air compress, has launched several series of air compressor in recent years, including “DSP-NEXT II series – multi-function color touch panel”, “OSP series – dual performance operation/stop”, and “SRL series – scroll type (low noise value)”. Benefiting from the Subsidy Program for Energy Saving, which promoted by the government, Whirl-Wind Industrial Co., Ltd. maintains a 15% annual growth rate.

Xu Wenjin, the company’s general manager, pointed out that Hitachi air compressors accounted for about 32% of the Japanese market, making it the largest brand in Japan. Hitachi air compressors are of high performance and offer a full range of technical and consulting services.

With 20-years-experience in air compressor industry, Whirl-Wind Industrial Co., Ltd. has continued increasing its sales in Taiwan and has risen rapidly in Southern China (south of the Yangtze River) in recent years, which leads the company to an important position in the industry.

Since launching screw type air compressors, Hitachi has been a leader in the air compressor industry. The Whirl Wind Industrial technical team has won the trust of customers with energy-saving technology to enhance industrial innovation and perfect after-sales service. Their customer base covers listed companies in the electronics industry, high-tech, food industry, and major hospitals at home and abroad. In 2016, they were approved by Japan’s Hitachi Technology, and the Hitachi Air Compressor Education Center in Taiwan” was established in Taoyuan Corporation. In tandem with Japan’s Hitachi technology, it created a milestone for the operation of Whirl Wind Industrial and opened a new era of air compressors.

Faced with the semiconductor 、optoelectronics industry and the circuit board industry, Whirl-Wind Industrial Co., Ltd. have introduced two series of dust-free dedicated DSP and SDS. In addition, Hitachi inverter type of oil-free and oil-flooded air compressors (above 30HP) are equipped with more efficient DCBL drive motors and frequency converters In this way, it is more effective to provide the pressure and air volume that are most suitable for the demand of compressed air in the field.