WELE’s Seven Wonders product categories in the Machinery Industry


EMO, the world’s biggest European Machine Tool show, had the grand opening in Hanover, Germany on Sep. 16th. WELE Mechatronic co., Ltd exhibited a number of high-performance machine tools at the A14 booth in Hall 27, which attracted the domestic and international buyers’ attention. It is worth noting that WELE’s core business cadres are mainly from the Institute of Mechanical and Electromechanical Systems of the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, with particularly emphasis on the development and innovation of machine tools and the enhancement of technical energy. At present, WELE has successfully built gantry type machining centers, five-face machining centers, five-axes machines, vertical machining center, horizontal boring and milling machining Center (including horizontal machining centers), Die & Mold high speed machining center and multi-purpose Turning and Milling complex Machining Center, the seven high-end product groups and so forth all with good reputation.

Su, JinTian, the General Manger of WELE, said that the high-quality machine tool produced by the company has successfully won the customers’ trust in 30 regional markets around the world, and has already generated NT$3.74 billion revenue in 2018. In addition, in order to seek sustainable business, the company has recently launched a simultaneous expansion plan on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to prepare for the next phase of operational growth.

In addition to the above, WELE’s most industry-recognized research and development innovations are planned to increase investment in research and development costs by 30% in 2019. Furthermore, the company is fully committed to the improvement of core technology, product performance and reliability.

Su, JinTian explained that WELE’s large gantry type machines have been highly recognized by customers in the market. Because the product is reliable, the main structure is solid and rigid, and the machining accuracy is excellent, to make WELE becomes the preferred brand of customers.

WELE can provide different types of advanced five-axes machining machines, which are suitable for machining parts such as Aerospace Turbine blades and body structural parts. Whether the material is hard to cut aluminum, nickel or titanium, WELE offers the most appropriate product and machine solution. WELE’s excellent five-axes products have been successfully exported to the Boeing aircraft supply chain in the United States, and are well received by customers.






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