The results of Victor Taichung at EMO show outstanding performance


The EMO 2019, which is the world’s number one in quality and quantity, was opened in Hanover, Germany on the 16th. Huang Mingho, chairman of Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., LTD, a leading Taiwanese machine tool manufacturer, said that this year, seven representative machine tools were selected for the exhibition and will be presented at Hall 27, E14. Their main requirements include high-end 5-axis CNC Machines, multi-axis multi-tasking machines, automation and new-to-market models. The product’s richness and cost performance are better than in previous years, and it can fully meet the requirements of customers in the European market, including labor, high precision and high-order aerospace & automotive parts processing. At present, the 7 exhibition machines have been successfully sold, and he is confident that he will take a large number of orders during the exhibition. The following is an overview of the interview record.

Q: What is your opinion on the direction of the European machine tool market?

A: Affected by the Sino-US trade contest, some enterprises in Europe do have a conservative attitude towards the procurement of machine tools. Each order has a decreasing trend, making its market performance not as good as before. However, even if the market performance is ordinary, there are agents and dealers working harder to run the market. Victor Taichung will strengthen the promotion of new models by participating in the EMO exhibition, and assist agents in various countries to enhance their sales and service energy. At the same time, we visited the important users of machine tools in Europe to let them know the latest application in the development of high-end tools, customization and intelligent automation, in order to increase their orders to stabilize the operation in the second half or even next year.

Q: Victor Taichung is one of the major exhibitors from Taiwan at EMO. Which high-end or hot-selling tools will be shown this year? And what are your main sales appeals?

A: In recent years, we have broken through the business thinking of producing and selling CNC lathes, and continue to develop new generation tools such as high-end 5-axis CNC Machine, multi-axis turning and milling machine and intelligent automation. At the same time, we have used our many years to promote the quality, cost and delivery of TPS, so as to improve its cost performance and make it a hot product in the market. For example, the two 5-axis CNC Machines, such as the Vcenter-AX800 and Vcenter-AX630, which are exhibited this time, are quite suitable for processing aerospace parts and molds with high complexity and strict precision, and have strong sales potential in the European market. The Vcenter-AX630 is exhibited at the EMO for the first time, allowing Victor Taichung’s 5-axis CNC Machine to cover a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of market users.

In addition, the new machines we exhibited include the Vturn-S26/110 horizontal lathe and the Vcenter-P76APC vertical processing machine. The latter has two exchange worktables that do not need to stop when feeding, so that the machine can maximize the production capacity and production efficiency, which is the first choice for users of automobiles, locomotives and aerospace.

The Vturn-NP20CM horizontal lathe exhibited at the exhibition has an additional door type robot, which maximizes the single-machine automation application. The Vturn-A20 has an enlarged spindle bore, and the machine has a small footprint, which improves the user’s processing. As for the Vturn-Q200T2Y2 multi-axis laminating machine, it is equipped with a dual-spindle and double turret, which can meet the requirements of multi-machine integrated, multi-process, high-efficiency and high-precision turning and milling combined machining, and is also very popular in the market.

展出規模質、量世界第一的歐洲工具機展(EMO 2019),16日起在德國漢諾威隆重登場,參展的台灣工具機領導大廠-台中精機董事長黃明和接受本報專訪強調,今年精挑了7台代表性工具機前往參展,主要訴求包括高階五軸加工機、多軸複合加工機、自動化與全新上市機種,產品豐富度與性價比更勝於往年,能充分滿足歐洲市場客戶要求省人工、高精度與加工高階航太汽車零件的需求,目前7台展機都已順利完售,並有信心在展期中拿下大單。以下是專訪記要。






此次展出的VT-NP20CM 臥式車床附加門型機械手,將單機自動化應用發揮到極致。VTURN-A20則是加大主軸孔徑,但床台佔地面積小,提升用戶加工的坪效。至於Vturn-Q200T2Y2多軸複合機,更搭載了雙主軸、雙刀塔,可滿足多機一體、多工序、高效率、高精度的車銑複合加工要求,在市場上也相當搶手。