Auto Strong’s research and development capabilities have international strength


Auto Strong‘s hydraulic chuck production and sales have a leading position in the cross-strait market. In order to meet the full range of market demand, in recent years, the company has developed various hydraulic chucks and pneumatic chucks, such as super large, long stroke, super large aperture, hollow ultra short, anti-chip waterproof. Product richness and cost-effectiveness lead other peers, while highlighting the company’s strength as a professional international company, and whether it is general-purpose, professional and customized products, has excellent and fast supply capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that after strengthening the market in Taiwan and China, Auto Strong will expand to ASEAN and Europe and the US market this year. It will actively participate in key international countries such as Southeast Asia and Europe EMO, Chicago IMTS and other international machine tools exhibitions. This way, it demonstrates their determination to build on Taiwan and move toward the world’s largest plant.

Auto Strong continues to develop various types of high-performance hydraulic chucks and participate in the machine tool exhibition, which is well-known on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Figure / Chuang Fu’an 億川持續研發各類高性能油壓夾頭並勤於參加工具機大展,名聞兩岸。圖/莊富安

In order to highlight the high-end and exquisite image of hydraulic chucks, oil cylinders, etc., Auto Strong also let the outside world know that they plan to expand the international market. They have participated in the TMTOS in March and the CIMT in April. During the exhibition, they specially arranged the exhibition hall like an international airport terminal, and gave it the meaning of high technology, wisdom and environmental protection. This symbolizes that Auto Strong will take off to the world and expand to overseas markets. The overall visual shape is amazing, attracting many buyers at home and abroad to visit and purchase.

Auto Strong has continued to invest in research and development. In recent years, it has developed a variety of rear pull hydraulic chucks such as 6 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches, and another 12 inches product will be available soon. The company’s production will constitute the industry’s most complete product line, which can fully meet the needs of steam locomotive parts and components manufacturers for the processing of special-shaped forgings and castings, thereby adding new momentum to future operational growth.