KSY’s “Multi-station Smart Turntable Hydraulic Press” is highly productive, high quality and safe


The King Shang Yuan Machinery CO., LTD(KSY), which specializes in the development of the “Unmanned Automated Production” hydraulic press, has developed the “Multi-station Smart Turntable Hydraulic Press” with “Multi-station” innovation. The punching machine can simultaneously perform assembly and multi-clamping of multiple workpieces, which is faster than straight-line handling. It has automatic feeding and automatic take-out design, and can be equipped with feeders and robotic arm to take in or take out functions according to the operation requirements, which can save manpower and improve quality stability. In this way, the defective products caused by artificial factors are reduced, the production efficiency is higher, and the return on investment is high, which is suitable for the machining of parts and assembly of fasteners in various mechanical industries.

KSY pointed out that the production process of the “Multi-station” hydraulic press was completed outside the scope of the press operation, then rotated into the press production, and then rotated to the reclamation area outside the press range. In this way, when the feeding and taking out are performed manually, the operator’s hands are not placed in the mold area to keep it safe, and the automatic feeding and taking out functions can be designed to save manpower and increase the number of automated working hours, thus improve the purpose of production efficiency. In particular, the model combines the advantages of press and punch, with features such as fast speed, accurate bottom dead center, two-stroke and delayed pressurization time. The processing quality is better and more stable, and it can also be used as a general press.

In addition to the above, the series of presses are introduced into the German “SICK” “PSDI Presence-SensingDeviceInitiationwhich is Safety Assurance System” to ensure safe operation and reduce the difference in system operation cycle time, thereby increasing production efficiency by 15~35% and greatly improving Ergonomics of operator operations.




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