Win-Ho’s orders increase dramatically and becomes leader of high-speed precision lathe industry


Win-Ho Technology, the leading manufacturer of high-speed precision lathes in Taiwan, has assembled each machine tool to the best level with strict quality control attitude and technical requirements. In this way, the turnover of the company has grown year after year in the past 18 years, and the number of non-CNC high-speed precision lathes sold has reached nearly 20,000. Its market share is far ahead of Taiwan’s peers, and its marketing footprint is spread to dozens of countries around the world. It enjoys a good reputation in the market and has become the most representative manufacturer of high-speed precision lathes in Taiwan.

Zhuang Dengbin, general manager of Win-Ho, pointed out that the company is leading the industry in high-speed precision lathes in Taiwan, and its sales volume continues to record high and is highly praised by customers. And the company’s repurchase orders continue, relying on strict and strict quality control and assembly process, every step of the production process is perfect. In this way, the “general quality control” realm of “upstream engineering is responsible for downstream projects and downstream projects for upstream engineering audits” is achieved.

In the research and development of new products and the expansion of product lines, Zhuang Dengbin said that they have successively developed high-speed precision lathes of different specifications such as S480×1 meters, M560×1.5 meters and L660×2 meters. Because it can meet the needs of users of various sizes and different types of turning, the purchaser enjoys “worth more than its cost” and is very popular in the market and becomes the star model of the company.

In addition, the X series heavy-duty cutting precision lathe developed and marketed by Win-Ho, in order to strengthen its heavy cutting ability, also specially lengthens and widens the sliding seat and the saddle in the machine design. The 3V bed rail design with the bed allows the precision to be kept as new as ever. In addition, the full range of two Lathe Centers is 300mm more, making the workpieces that can be actually turned longer. This product has attracted domestic and foreign experts to purchase, and the orders of Win-Ho from Singapore, Australia, Vietnam and other places have increased drastically.

The functional positioning of Win-Ho’s newly released Eziturn digital control lathe is to upgrade the traditional machine to automation, which makes the cutting precision better than the traditional machine. However, the machine can still be used to maintain the operation mode of the traditional machine, or to select automatic cycle cutting. This allows buyers to enjoy the benefits of “one model with dual use”.






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