HONOR SEIKI expands the aerospace machine market and avoids the dangers of China-US trade war


Based on the huge business opportunities of 6.3 trillion dollars generated by more than 42,000 aircraft in the next 20 years, HONOR SEIKI, a representative manufacturer of Taiwan’s vertical lathes, recently launched a new generation of high-precision aerospace grade CNC vertical lathes. This model can be used in the production of CFM LEAP turbine engines. This more energy-efficient engine will be equipped with passenger aircraft such as the A320 neo, Boeing 737MAX and China C919. It is estimated that HONOR SEIKI’s revenue from the aerospace industry this year, is expected to rise from the current 25%.

In addition, in March of this year, HONOR SEIKI also launched the CNC vertical Turning and Milling Center VL-66AM, which can achieve the single processing. By reducing the number of loadings, the manufacturing time is drastically shortened to avoid the accumulation of errors caused by the positioning of the benchmark. At the same time, it is equipped with an online detection function to achieve precision control of key data in the manufacturing process to improve the processing accuracy of the product. After the exhibition, it was also well received by domestic and foreign buyers and received quite a lot of orders.

Chen Yunling, the company’s special assistant to the chairman of the company, said that although the trade between China and the United States has hit the operation of many machine tool manufacturers, the volume of orders has generally decreased. However, due to the expansion of the aerospace processing market, the company continued to influx new orders, which is more eye-catching than other machine tools.

HONOR SEIKI, a member of Tong-tai machine & tool co, ltd, has been focusing on the development and manufacture of vertical lathes for 30 years. The various machine tools produced by the company over the years have been successfully sold to more than 40 countries around the world and are famous in the domestic and foreign markets. If the industry encounters a workpiece with a high level of technology and a particularly complex shape, it will think of finding HONOR SEIKI to solve it. It is known as the production expert and excellent business model of Taiwan vertical lathe.

看好未來20年間全球將生產4.2萬餘架飛機衍生6.3兆元的龐大商機,台灣立式車床代表性廠商-榮田精機近期推出新一代高精度航太等級數控立式車床,可運用於CFM LEAP渦輪發動機的生產,該型更節能的發動機將裝備在空巴A320 neo、波音737MAX與中國C919等客機上,預估榮田今年來自航太產業的營收占比,可望由目前約占25%再向上攀高。




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