NOVELTEK launched the AI Unmanned Automated Guided Vehicle System to be promoted to the European market


The NOVELTEK unmanned track-guided automated Guided Vehicle was introduced to Europe. Since its establishment in 1990, the company has produced various types of electric logistics, warehousing and transportation equipment for 29 years, and can produce special specifications for material handling and stacking equipment for customers. They are branded under the NOVELTEK brand and are sold in 38 countries around the world. They are made in Taiwan and become a major Japanese manufacturer and an OEM production factory for Taiwanese manufacturers. This time, the company selected the 2019 EMO in Hannover, Germany, and exhibited the “AI Unmanned Automated Guided Transport System”. By cohesiveness and constant challenge to stimulate creativity and move towards the international arena, it is looking forward to taking the lead in a highly competitive market.

NOVELTEK Chairman Roland Y. R. Chai said that this time, the “AI Unmanned Automated Guided Vehicle System” will be exhibited. The product is equipped with three obstacle avoidance devices, and can be equipped with laser anti-collision, sensing beading and emergency power off switch. The product can be decelerated when it is 80 cm away from the obstacle. When the distance is 20cm, it will automatically stop and wait for 3 seconds after the obstacle or personnel are removed, and then automatically continue to the designated position. This product is highly secure and can be used with the Internet of Things, Big Data and Cloud Repair System. This time the company selected the EMO exhibition in Hannover, Germany, and it is looking forward to the German industrial automation 4.0, and make an effort. They also welcome the participation of the industry who are interested in automation, and actively seek cooperation from local European distributors.

The company’s “AI Unmanned Automated Guided Transport System” has won two awards such as the Taiwan Excellence Award and the Little Giant Award. It is a world-class “useful, functional” high-quality handling equipment.

NOVELTEK focuses on the promotion of the smart machinery industry, and has launched an unmanned magnetic track automatic guided carriage. The product can load 2,000Kg and 8,000Kg. With the magnetic strip guide, it can be transferred from the warehouse area through the automatic guiding system to and from the production line. With the convenience of system construction, the guided vehicle can travel to the desired position via the magnetic strip. The company’s RD team, which has continuous research and development and continuous innovation, adheres to the company’s philosophy and has obtained CE certification in the UK, which allows the logistics of the factory to be easily transported to achieve a mechanized way of automation, thereby accelerating the efficiency of handling.

In order to meet the needs of customers, the stand-up stacker with EPS electronic power steering has been launched. It has EPS electronic power steering and more flexible operation. When driving, the vehicle speed is automatically reduced by 50%, which improves safety. At the same time, the company introduced a large-capacity 240AH/320AH battery model, which is sufficient for 8 hours of operation, and is available in different types of refrigeration, container, and scale, depending on the needs of different industries. The company can plan service and material planning requirements for customers, and the full range of electric stackers all pass the CE “Regulations for Safety Inspection of Hazardous Machines and Equipment” of the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, and its safety is fully in line with industrial safety inspection.

恆智重機無人駕駛磁軌導引自動搬運車進軍歐洲,恆智重機NOVELTEK自1990年成立以來,迄今29年產製各型電動物流、倉儲、運搬設備,並且可為客戶產製特殊規格的物料搬運堆高設備,以NOVELTEK為品牌,行銷全球38個國家,是道道地地的MADE IN TAIWAN廠商,並成為日本大廠,在台灣指定的OEM生產工廠,這次選定德國漢諾威EMO展,特別展出恆智「AI無人駕駛自動導引運搬系統」。凝聚向心力,不斷挑戰激發創造力,上下一心共同邁向國際,期盼在競爭激烈的市場中獨占鰲頭。




因應客戶需求,推出搭載EPS電子動力轉向的站立式堆高 機,具有EPS電子動力轉向,操縱更加靈活外,具有行車轉彎時,車速自動減速50%,安全性高。同時推出大容量240AH/320AH 電瓶機種,足以滿足8小時作業所需,同時更有冷凍型、貨櫃型、磅秤型等不 同選配機種,可因應不同行業別需求,恆智重機能替客戶規畫服務及物料規畫需求,並且全系列電動堆高機全部通過行政院勞動部「危險機具型式檢定」合格,安全性完全符合工安檢驗。

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