Taiwan More Cash Village’s drill grinding machine has the most powerful features and price/performance ratio


2019 EMO opened on the 16th in Hanover, Germany. The Taiwan More Cash Village Cooperation, which is known as the “Taiwan’s first brand of drill grinders,” exhibited nearly 30 high-quality, powerful drills and end mill grinders. It appeals to high-efficiency, high reliability and cost-effectiveness to attract international buyers to visit and purchase.

The company attaches great importance to the biennial EMO, and has exhibited many carefully developed new products, such as R angle knives, computer engraving and milling machine engraving knives, and tungsten steel grinders. There are also cutting instruments with additional optical scales, automatic advance and retraction cutters, and micro-diameter drills that require optical microscopy. With a wide range of items, we want to let the outside world understand the strong R&D strength of the company’s management team.

General Manager Liao Mingke pointed out that in recent years, in addition to the development of grinding machines for larger and finer drill bits, the company has also developed more portable and more convenient rechargeable drill grinding machines, as well as chamfering machines and 3C electronic inserts. Machine and other related equipment.

The company’s drill grinding machines are characterized by “high efficiency, high precision and high reliability”. The appeal is “10 seconds to ensure that one new drill bit can be ground and one end mill can be ground in one minute.” The corporate brand GSC is well-known at home and abroad and has a good market reputation. Its annual sales volume has exceeded 5,000 units and is the largest factory in Taiwan.

2019歐洲工具機展(EMO)16日在德國漢諾威盛大開幕,擁有「台灣鑽頭研磨機第一品牌」美譽的台利村企業,在現場展出近30款品質精良、功能強大的鑽頭及端銑刀研磨機種,以高效率、高可靠度與高性價比做訴求,與國外同 業同台較勁,吸引國際買主湧入參觀與採購。




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